My life consists of a husband named Andrew who teaches history to angsty teenagers and a smiley ball of sunshine named Revere. First and foremost, I’m a human-being and probably like you after that I wear lots of different hats— mom, wife, friend, photographer, truth-teller.   

I’m attracted to the in-betweens, the vulnerable state. Some people like beauty. I’ve come to realize that I need it. It’s what fuels me and delights me. And, film photography is what I’ve chosen to help push that into the world. 

Film slows me down and makes me look for moments with intention. I shoot film because it welcomes imperfections with open arms. And that's good because, let's face it, none of our lives are perfect and we're all the better for it.

I want you to see your life the way I do— as a work of art. Your life is worth seeing--even in the weird, messy, hilarious nooks and crannies. But you know what that takes? Vulnerability. And vulnerability is the bravest and most beautiful thing we can all offer.