The Roark Family

Kristin and Dan wanted pictures in their house before they moved to mark the moment. Kristin talked about how even though they had outgrown the house, it was bittersweet to think about leaving the place they had brought all three boys home to.

So we marked the moment with ice-cream, lots of wrestling, and zooming cars.

portra 400/ ektar 100 film/ processed by The FIND Lab

Alinea's 1st Birthday

Last summer Jenn reached out to me to photograph her daughter's 1st birthday. Instead of worrying about taking pictures for it, she and her husband John wanted to be able to be present and simply enjoy the party. What a wise parent move! I'm storing this away to remember when we celebrate my son's first birthday. 

So here it is, a first birthday party for the sweetest girl. Water fountains, a park and tacos--- I can't think of a better way to celebrate. 

Chris & Kari & "Stewart Little"

This session is a special one. Chris and Kari are dear friends who my husband, Andrew and I have watched endure infertility and uncertainty for years. It has been an honor to watch their story unfold.   

This little one was affectionately known as "Stewart Little" the entire pregnancy because of Chris and Kari's last name and they didn't know what they were having until he arrived! A couple weeks ago through the incredible process of embryo adoption they were able to welcome their son, Miles into the world. 

Boston - Maine - Baltimore

Last month we spent almost two weeks road tripping


My husband Andrew, and I both thrive off of adventure, learning and being in the outdoors, so we wanted to create a trip that gave us a bit of everything. Adding dear friends at the beginning and end of our trip was a sweet bonus. 


Boston, MA

Our friends Claudio and Angelina moved to Boston a little over a year ago. We spent a few days with them (and their cute dog Bailey) exploring the city, eating good food and looking at all the old things. Seriously, my history loving husband's words everywhere we went, "I can't believe this is over 200 years old." (He's in school to get his Master's in history.) Want a history lesson? He's your guy. 


Acadia National Park, Maine

 "Pretty? Oh pretty doesn't even seem the right word to use. Nor beautiful, either. They don't go far enough. Oh, it was wonderful -- wonderful. It's the first thing I ever saw that couldn't be improved upon by imagination. It just satisfies me here' -- she put one hand on her chest -- 'it made a funny ache and yet it was a pleasant ache."  - Anne of Green Gables

Last year Andrew went back to school to get his Master's and it has been a huge adjustment for our marriage, life, etc. It can feel like we are constantly going in different directions scrambling for time that doesn't exist. So in short, we are/were tired. We went to Maine looking for space, looking for something to give us back some life. 

Maine was a refuge, restorative, adventuresome, quiet, full of beauty. Even those words don't feel enough. I do know for certain, it was a gift. 


Baltimore, MD

Katie and I have been friends since we were 12/13. It's a rare kind of friendship that has stood strong in different cities, relationships, hardship and immense joy. I am in constant awe of her passion for people and the world. It was so fun to see her city on her terms. 

The Spicknall Family

A session with the simple purpose of getting Kerith in front of the camera with her kids, instead of being behind it. Something I believe so many mamas are guilty of. So, we spent a simple afternoon at their home-- relishing in the everyday normal.

Emily & Paul

Hotel Covington | Cincinnati, Ohio

Emily and Paul got married at Hotel Covington and celebrated with 45 of their favorite people. It was beautiful, intimate and emotional. Most of all, they were simply overjoyed to be married to one another. 

Film Processed by: The Find Lab

Flower Vendor: Katie's Blooms

The Dewald Family

There are certain people you meet that leave an impression on you. They might not even know it, but you take something from their life and pocket it away to use in your own life later. 

I left Lindsay and Nick's home after seeing how tender they are with their girls. How they instill loving compassionately and delight in learning-- and how their girls adore them because of these things. So I pocketed all of this away, wanting to remember and implement when we eventually have children of our own.  

A rainy afternoon at home in the city-- full of hugs and dance moves. 

Blodgett Family

I walked into Nakita and Elliott's home and immediately felt like I was spending time with old friends. They graciously and openly told me their story-- the story about how sweet Dia made their family a family of three. I asked if the adjustment had been difficult...

"It feels like she was always supposed to be here."

Dear Women,

"I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being." -Maya Angelou


To all the women I interact with on a daily basis or have come in contact with once-- 

You can be soft and strong. There is enough room in the world for both. 

You have dynamic things to contribute to the world.

Your voice matters and you are not unnoticed.

You are beautiful. The way you are made is not a mistake. 

October: A weekend away at our family farm

My family has always had a farm in some form. The original was a cattle farm where the baby cows were bigger than I was. I would name every single one, much to my grandpa's dismay (poor little me had no idea where they "went away" to). It was blissful and I knew nothing else. We eventually had to sell it because we were in the middle of other farms who were selling to a subdivision. As a 13-year-old it was heartbreaking and confusing.

(To clarify "we", my grandparents, my parents and I have always lived either on the same property or next door to one another).

The short and sweet rest of the story is--- we moved to a subdivision, but bought a property to keep horses on. It never really felt like the "right place". About a year ago, we found/bought a new farm that feels right and long-term. 

I went away to college and after one too many Kentucky farm girl jokes, the fondness of my upbringing seemed to be clouded. The one thing that was most apart of me, I somehow now wanted to hide away. 

So I've lived in the in-between for a while--- not mentioning or acknowledging how I felt, how I truly loved growing up on a farm, how magical that kind of childhood felt. 

But now, I've realized it's a part of me. Something not to hide or be ashamed of admitting. A friend once asked me, "What was your first love?" My answer: space. When I'm stressed the only word I can think to describe it is claustrophobic, constantly looking for more space physically and emotionally. Our farm is the remedy.   

This place-- my refuge for space. 

Abram DePew

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

Every time I photograph a newborn, I think of the Mary Oliver poem---In awe of so much newness and potential all at once. 

The Grizovics

The way the Grizovics love each other and the land they live on is a sight to see. I grew up on a farm, so spending time at the creek and exploring their property felt like a piece of home.