Boston - Maine - Baltimore

Last month we spent almost two weeks road tripping


My husband Andrew, and I both thrive off of adventure, learning and being in the outdoors, so we wanted to create a trip that gave us a bit of everything. Adding dear friends at the beginning and end of our trip was a sweet bonus. 


Boston, MA

Our friends Claudio and Angelina moved to Boston a little over a year ago. We spent a few days with them (and their cute dog Bailey) exploring the city, eating good food and looking at all the old things. Seriously, my history loving husband's words everywhere we went, "I can't believe this is over 200 years old." (He's in school to get his Master's in history.) Want a history lesson? He's your guy. 


Acadia National Park, Maine

 "Pretty? Oh pretty doesn't even seem the right word to use. Nor beautiful, either. They don't go far enough. Oh, it was wonderful -- wonderful. It's the first thing I ever saw that couldn't be improved upon by imagination. It just satisfies me here' -- she put one hand on her chest -- 'it made a funny ache and yet it was a pleasant ache."  - Anne of Green Gables

Last year Andrew went back to school to get his Master's and it has been a huge adjustment for our marriage, life, etc. It can feel like we are constantly going in different directions scrambling for time that doesn't exist. So in short, we are/were tired. We went to Maine looking for space, looking for something to give us back some life. 

Maine was a refuge, restorative, adventuresome, quiet, full of beauty. Even those words don't feel enough. I do know for certain, it was a gift. 


Baltimore, MD

Katie and I have been friends since we were 12/13. It's a rare kind of friendship that has stood strong in different cities, relationships, hardship and immense joy. I am in constant awe of her passion for people and the world. It was so fun to see her city on her terms.